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Musty's Attic offers a mixture of new and used items.

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Collecting Treasures

New items include Seasonal, household, clothing, and hard to find items.

Used items include Vintage French pottery, antique household items, office supplies, jewelry, clothing, books, VHS tapes, vinyl records, and CDs.

Features: Westward Ho Glass includes goblets, serving dishes, covered compotes, and pitchers. Antique washstand and complete set with bowl, pitchers, waste jug, rinse cup, and chamber pot.

Old pottery crocks and jugs. Copper cookware. Antique chests-blanket and bureaus. Large collection of Quimper pottery items from France Contemporary items of clothing, tools, household bedding, seasonal gifts, and decorations.

 Advanced issues found


From Our Collection of New Contemporary Items


From Our Collection of New Contemporary Items


From Our Collection of New Contemporary Items
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